The Shooting Test

Information in regard to getting or renewing a Texas CHL


The Shooting Test - Explained

StageDistanceGroupsShotsTime (sec)
19 feet/3 yards512
29 feet/3 yards523
39 feet/3 yards1510
421 feet/7 yards1510
521 feet/7 yards22/34/6
621 feet/7 yards513
721 feet/7 yards1515
845 feet/15 yards22/36/9
945 feet/15 yards1515

General Information

Shooting Test Information
  • The shooting test requires fifty (50) rounds of ammunition. The State of Texas does not allow reloaded ammunition for the shooting test.
  • Scoring:
  • Each shot counts for a maximum of five (5) points. Fifty (50) rounds multiplied by a five (5) point maximum is equivalent to 250 total possible points.
  • The shooting test is graded either pass or fail. A 70% score is required to pass (175 points or more). Anything less is considered a failing grade.
  • It is important to note that your total score must be equivalent to 175 points or more (not that you need to hit the target 70% of the time).
  • Each student has no more than three (3) attempts to pass the test in a 24-hour period. If this is not possible, the student must return another day to try again.
  • Caliber Requirements:
  • For a semi-automatic pistol, you must use .32 caliber ammunition or higher. For a revolver, the minimum caliber is .38 or higher.
  • Handgun Types:
  • Once House Bill 3142 passed in 2013, the category requirements are no longer in effect for CHL holders. Regardless of the firearm used to qualify, all CHL will be issued as "Category: SA" as in, semi-automatic.
  • This allows CHL holders to carry any firearm they wish, whether revolver or semi-automatic.
  • Aiming Assistance:
  • You are not permitted to used any artifical aiming device (e.g. laser sights) during your CHL shooting test.
  • Loading:
  • If you need magazine loading assistance please do not hesitate to ask. If you can load the first few rounds of your magazine the rules allow us to assist you in the loading process.
  • We can also assist those with disabilities. If you have special needs or injuries we can provide a chair for you to rest on between shooting exercises.
  • Physical Limitations:
  • If you are pregnant or nursing you should not participate in shooting activities.

  • Testing

    Failure Can Be Caused By:
  • Firing more shots than instructed
  • Firing before instructed
  • Minimum score not met (175 or more points)
  • Unsafe conduct
  • Missed Points:
  • If you fire a shot after the "stop" command has been given, or you miss a shot, it will be deducted from your score (five [5] points each)
  • If you have a jam or malfunction while taking the shooting test, please clear/fix the issue and continue the shooting exercise.
  • It would be beneficial to have at least a basic understanding of how to clear malfunctions before you take your test. It is somewhat common for shooting malfunctions to occur with semi-automatic pistols.

  • The Target

    Scoring the B-27 (Green) Target
    Five (5) Points:
  • Will be awarded every shot placed inside the eight (8) ring. (2nd to last outside circle)
  • Four (4) Points:
  • Will be awarded to every shot placed in the seven (7) ring. (between the last and 2nd to last circle)
  • Three (3) Points:
  • Will be awarded to evey shot placed outside the seven (7) ring (last circle) but still registering anywhere on the blue silhouette.
  • Zero (0) Points:
  • Will be assigned to all missed shots, whether due to malfunction or failing to register target hits.