Information in regard to getting or renewing a Texas CHL

  • You must renew your license 5 years from the date of issuance.
  • Course and Shooting Test:
  • As of 9/1/13, (according to House Bill 48) you must no longer complete a course or shooting proficiency test to renew a license.
  • Passport Photos and Fingerprints:
  • Neither photos or fingerprints are required unless the DPS requests a new set. This is a rare occurrence.
  • Notification:
  • DPS will notify renewal candidates six (6) months before the license expires.
  • Grace Period:
  • Renewal candidates have one (1) year after the license expires to complete the renewal process.
  • Responsibility:
  • You must renew your license on your own, whether via mail or online.
  • Fee Reductions:
  • House Bill 485 (Effective September 1st, 2013) reduces both renewal and new applicant fee for veterans to $25. Senate Bill 164 (Effective September 1st, 2013) authorizes the DPS to print "Veteran" on the concealed handgun license.
  • Note:
  • Even though you may no longer be required to take a class, you are still required to pay the DPS a licensing fee and re-submit your application every five (5) years to renew the license.