Information in regard to getting or renewing a Texas CHL

  Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q: Is my Texas license valid in other states?
A: Yes, a Texas CHL allows you to carry in 35 of the 50 U.S. states. However, it is always best to double check before taking your handgun into another state. Here is the most recent Texas CHL reciprocity map:


Q: How long after the course do I have to wait before I can begin to start carrying my concealed handgun?
A: As soon as you receive your Concealed Handgun License from the DPS, you may then start to carry concealed.

Q: Once I send my application and finalized packet off to the DPS, how long will I have to wait to receive my license?

A: Even though the DPS can take up to 180 days to process your license (where a problem arises), several recent students have reported receiving their pemits as soon as a month after sending off their CHL 100 form to Austin.
Q: Without a concealed handgun license, is it legal to keep a loaded handgun in my car for self- protection?
A: Yes. Under the Texas Castle Doctrine passed in 2007, it is legal to carry a loaded handgun in your car provided you:
  • Keep the handgun concealed at all times,
  • Own or control the vehicle,
  • Are not engaged in a criminal activity,
  • Are not a prohibited person,
  • Are not a member of a gang and you
  • Leave the handgun securely locked in the vehicle before exiting (except transport to and from your home or place of employment-- which is legal under the Castle Doctrine, provided your employer does not prohibit firearms in the workplace). 
Q: Do I have to be a state resident to receive a Texas CHL?
A: No, you may be a resident of any state and apply for a Texas CHL as long as you meet all the eligibility requirements.
Q: Will I only be allowed to carry the gun used to qualify on the range test? If not, is there a limit to the number of handguns I can carry?
A: Regardless of which type of firearm you qualify with (revolver, semi-automatic), your license will read: "Category: SA". As long as it is not reckless, there technically is no limit to the number of handguns you may carry.