Information in regard to getting or renewing a Texas CHL

Active Duty Military:
  • There is no licensing fee for active duty military.
  • The shooting proficiency test can also be waived if the applicant can provide a document stating that a handgun training course has been completed within the last five (5) years of their service.
  • Law Enforcement Officers (LEO):
  • The licensing fee is reduced to $25.
  • LEOs are not required to take the course if they are licensed under Chapter 415 and employed full-time with an agency.
  • The officer is required to provide fingerprints and a letter from the head of the department stating: officer's name, rank, whether the officer has ever been accused of miscoduct (and the disposition of said incident), physical condition, mental condition, types of weapons where proficiency was demonstrated in the past year, along with a recommendation from agency that the officer be issued a CHL.
  • Federal Prosecutors:
  • Federal prosecutors are not required to take the course of pay a licensing fee.
  • Judicial Officers:
  • The licensing fee is reduced to $25, and the classroom portion of the CHL process is waived. The shooting proficiency is still required, however.