Information in regard to getting or renewing a Texas CHL

General Information
Necessary Information:
  • The steps to obtain a concealed handgun license are: Submitting your application, paying the fee, fingerprinting, then taking a course.
  • The application consists of information such as name, Social Security number, phone number, residency, criminal and psychiatric history, alcohol/drug treatments, and potential paid fees.
  • You can submit your application via mail, or online (more information below).
  • State Fee:
  • The state fee is due at the time the application is submitted. See our fee table for details.
  • Fingerprints:
  • If you are a new applicant you must submit electronic fingerprints to the DPS
  • The DPS will not allow you to schedule your fingerprints until they have received your license application.
  • As of March 1, 2011 instructors and law enforcement agencies are no longer allowed to take CHL fingerprints.
  • Fingerprints must be taken by Patriot Security Solutions. This change has made the licensing process much smoother and quicker. See our fingerprinting page for details.
  • Verify Eligibility:
  • It is highly advised that you check your eligibility prior beginning the CHL application process.
  • If submitted, the state licensing fee is non-refundable, regardless of eligibility. Please refer to this page for details.

  • Online Application
  • Applying online has a appreciable time advantage to traditional mail. In addition, you can schedule your fingerprints at the completion of your online application.
  • Payment:
  • When applying online, credit card is the only payment option.

  • Mail (Paper) Application
  • Mailed applications must be paid for by personal check, cashier's check, or a money order. This must be mailed with the application.
  • Needed Information/Materials:
  • You may acquire the application (for mailing purposes) via the DPS website. We can also provide the packet for you.
  • Once you complete the application, it must be mailed with payment to the DPS.
  • After the application is processed, the DPS will mail you a confirmation letter allowing you to schedule your fingerprints.
  • Once your fingerprints are taken, the licensing process will begin.

  • Renewal Application
  • You must only resubmit fingerprints/photos if the FBI is unable to read the original print card. This is very rare.
  • Application Methods:
  • You may renew online (link) or you may call the DPS to request a paper renewal form (800.224.5744)
  • Frequency:
  • Your CHL must be renewed every five (5) years.